Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Most Popular Gemstones For Engagement Rings

When you entered in young age your family member started to searching a girl for your marriage, this process is a part of our life and no one is untouched with this but there are many people who do not marry but married life is important part of our life and without this life is incomplete, well whenever someone's marriage is fixed so before the marriage the engagement ceremony held and on engagement ceremony every couples wants to wearing diamond ring whether it is male or female but specially for female because as you all known diamond is best friend of every woman’s and girls or you can also say is that the diamond is weakness of females that’s why females want’s to wear diamond engagement ring but few person can afford this because diamond is very expensive and only few person can afford this and if we talking about middle class and small class peoples then they can’t afford this because of high price tag and that’s why the middle class peoples discovered the alternative of diamond for wearing their engagement day and that name is gemstone engagement ring, yes it is true nowadays gemstone ring become very famous among middle class engagement ceremony and today it is not only famous in middle class but also in high class peoples due to its captivating appearance and affordable cost and now the situation is that every young age couples only wear gemstone ring on their engagement day.

This gemstone ring is become very popular as engagement ring and the best part of this is it is come with different design, style and colors and now the day is not far when diamond is loss their love icon status and gemstone become an love icon and represent endless love but still diamond is icon of endless and undying love. It is well known that gemstone is much cheaper then diamond but still many peoples don’t that ring comes in different types of popular gemstone so today Bindal Gems a well known Wholesale Silver Rings Supplier, share some different types of gemstone engagement ring for those peoples who don’t know about that types and the list are given below:-

Sapphire:- This gemstone is also known as royalty gemstone and it is stand second number position in hardness and durability after diamond, this blue sapphire gemstone give a mesmerizing looking when they set in gold and the best part of this is it is available in various colors such as blue, green, red, pink and yellow.

Tanzanite:- Another popular engagement ring gemstone who is popular among youth couples, basically this stone is found only at Tanzania it is much rare then diamond, it is also known as one of kind due to its deep purple blue glow and illumination and person can also you this as investment sources because of its limited supply in market.

Ruby:- It is true love sign because of its deep red color it is perfect for your engagement day, you can guess from the fact that its popularity is it is used to wearing ring since the Victorian and Edwardian era and ruby is very famous inheritance to pass one to next generation. If i have to tell about it in a word then it is perfect for your engagement ceremony.

Getting engaged is very special moment for everyone because it is the day when you buy gemstone engagement ring for your beloved, so choose your favorite ring from these list. Anyways thanks for taking the time to read this post if you like this then please share this with your buddies and if you think this info could be better then please give us your valuable views by your comments on this post. Information is provided by Bindalgems.com a well known Gemstone Jewelry Manufacture and Wholesaler in India, where you can purchase your wedding and engagement jewelry at affordable cost.

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